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Under the direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Greater Faith United Missionary Baptist Church was organized December 6, 1993, after a small group of believers contacted Pastor Graham about the possibility of organizing a church.


An organizational meeting was held December 6, 1993, at 7:40 p.m., at the home of one of the members.  There were 14 persons in attendance at the meeting.  After much prayer and consideration, Pastor Graham agreed to organize a church.


At this meeting, it was voted that the first Church Service would be held the 2nd Sunday, December 12, 1993, and each member would be informed of the location of the service.


The following ministries were established for initial operation of the church:


     a)  Church Clerk

     b)  Financial Secretary

     c)  Cooperative Missions Ministry

     d)  Combined Choir

     e)  Youth Ministry

     f)  Christian Education Ministry

     g)  Trustee Ministry  

     h)  Usher Board Ministry

     i)  Deacon/Deaconess Family Servant Ministry


The total general offering collected at this meeting was $110.00.


After discussing several suggested names for the Church, everyone expressed an interest organizing a body of believers who had reached a level of greater faith and one that was united.  It was voted that the official name of the church would be The Greater Faith United Missionary Baptist Church.


Sunday School and Worship Services were scheduled as follows:


                     Sunday School                                      9:45   a.m.

                    Worship Service                                    11:00  a.m.

                    Prayer Service                                7:00 - 7:45 p.m. (Wednesdays)

                    Bible Study                                     7:45 - 8:30 p.m. (Wednesdays)

                    Holy Communion (Every First Sunday Morning)


It was voted that the method of financing for the Greater Faith United Missionary Baptist Church would be through tithes and offerings, with two annual celebrations per year - Christian Family and Friends Day - 2nd Sunday in June, and Church Anniversary on the 2nd Sunday in December.


On December 12, 1993, the first Worship Service was held at the Baptist Educational and Missionary Headquarters Building at 9320 Wilson Boulevard. The first Prayer Service and Bible Study were held at 4916 Fairfield Road.  After divine inspiration, Pastor Graham established the following motto for the Greater Faith United Missionary Baptist Church:


We Are Traveling by Faith

The  Bible is our Road Map

The Holy Spirit is our Guide

Jesus is our Example

Love is our Badge

Eternity in Heaven is our Destiny

"Whosoever Will, Let Him Come"


"Traveling By Faith For Success"

(Hebrews 11:1-6)


After meeting at the Baptist Educational and Missionary Headquarters Building, a new location was sought for our worship services.  Through much diligent searching and with the vision of the Pastor and Deacons Ministry, the congregation met in a location at 5325 Fairfield Road.  After worshipping at this location and as the church continued to grow, an attempt was later made to purchase the property at 5325 Fairfield Road; however, due to the cost of the many repairs needed, a search was initiated to find a permanent location that would be more suitable.


On Sunday, February 13, 1994, at 4:00 p.m., the Service of Confirmation and Organization (Ecclesiastical Endorsement) was held, conducted by Rev. Dr. W. H. Neal, Moderator of the Gethsemane Baptist Association.  The "Right Hand of Fellowship" was given to all members who had joined since the initial organization of the church.


On May 22, 1994, the Greater Faith United Missionary Baptist Church voted to make application to become a member of the Columbia Metro Baptist Association of the SC Baptist Convention.  Watch care status was granted on June 9, 1994.


In 1998, the congregation purchased the property at its present location in the Starks Terrace Community at 119 Crawford Road.  The building was formerly an old sewing factory which was owned and operated by the Monteith Family.  The building was in terrible condition and needed much work; however, Pastor Graham had a vision of what the final results would be and started work on it right away.  The congregation was excited and worked very hard at getting the building ready for worship.  The initial project was to complete what is now known as the fellowship hall and classrooms.  It was in the Fellowship Hall that the first services were held.


Under Pastor Graham's leadership, the following ministries and auxiliaries have been organized:


    Deacon & Deaconess Family Servant Ministry  

Youth Ministry

Congregational Care Ministry

Music Ministry

      Christian Education Ministry

Prayer Ministry

Cooperative Missions Ministry -- Acteens & Girls In Action

Pastor Aide

    Children's Church

Transportation Ministry


In 2010, the church was blessed to have its first handicapped accessible bus donated to the Transportation Ministry by Lawrence and Margaret Smith of Florence, South Carolina.


In June, 2014, under the direction of Dr. Mary O. Stover, the first RAM (Reading, Arts, Mathematics) Summer Enrichment program was held at Greater Faith. The program was a success and was granted permission by The RAM Foundation for continuation of the program.


On December 14, 2014, during the celebration of its Twenty-First Anniversary, Greater Faith celebrated the retirement of its church mortgage -- To God be the Glory!


As we continue to look to God in faith, we pray that this church will stand as a living monument of a Savior who died that all men might live.  May it hold high the banner of Christ, "Upon this rock I build my church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it."

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